Hair donation

As all our wigs are created using real hair, donations of hair are essential to enable the Wonderful Knots Foundation to continue our mission.
If you are interested in donating hair, please provide:
• hair that is over 9 inches, or 23cm, in length. 
• hair that is completely dry, as damp hair can quickly turn mouldy in our humid climate. 
• hair that - ideally - hasn’t been chemically treated with colour or permed for the past 2 years 
• hair donations tied and wrapped in tissue paper (not newspaper, please) and sealed in a plastic bag along with your name and contact number.
Please send your hair donation, along with your contact details to Wonderful Knots Foundation:
Hair Donation at Wonderful Knots 2/F 9-11 Ashley Road Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
We would love to see your ‘before and after’ haircut photos, so please email any images to
We like to celebrate our hair donors generosity, so please let us know if you’re happy for us to add your pictures to our social media accounts on FaceBook and Instagram.
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About us + Our mission

About us
Wonderful Knots Foundation is a charitable platform that supports children and adults undergoing treatment for cancer. We collect donations of real hair to make wigs for patients who have experienced hair loss and would be unable to buy one for themselves.
Cancer increasingly impacts our lives here in Hong Kong and is currently the leading cause of death. Not only do cancer patients have to cope with the pain and distress caused by their physical symptoms, but the side effects of chemotherapy treatment can significantly affect their appearance and emotional wellbeing.
Our mission
We firmly believe that we are able to support the needs of cancer patients who experience periods of chemotherapy-induced hair loss. By providing carefully constructed wigs from donated hair, we can help make their treatment a more comfortable and dignified experience.
In creating authentic hair wigs for both children and adults alike, we hope to alleviate some of the distress caused by their treatment and bring positive energy to patients during this challenging time.

Our ambassadors

Annie Woon


I have been creating wigs for patients suffering hair loss from through cancer treatment for almost 15 years, and through my wig business I was able to donate more than 1,000 synthetic hairpieces to cancer patients.


In 2003, I created a wig for the late Cantopop legend Anita Mui to wear after treatment for cervical cancer caused her to lose her hair. Seeing her wearing my wig in one of her final concerts was incredibly moving. This confirmed to me the power of boosting self-confidence for people dealing with cancer.


Once the media became aware of my work, I was very honoured to receive the prestigious Top Ten Youths of Hong Kong award, presented by the Hong Kong Chief Executive. The subsequent publicity spurred me on to create wigs made from real hair and in order to make best use of the rapidly increasing number of hair donations, I realised I had to develop our mission further.


My goal was to expand the production and distribution of wigs to people from all walks of life and, in particular, those experiencing financial hardship, so I set up Wonderful Knots Foundation in 2014. Since then, we have been able to donate around 300 authentic hair wigs each year in partnership with medical associations and charities.


Ivy Chan

PR Consultant

My sense of purpose and commitment to Wonderful Knots increases each time we run workshops to raise awareness, or make grants to various medical associations to support this very worthy cause.

Yedda Wong

Wig Creator

Each strand of hair we tie and each stitch we sew gives life to the wigs we weave. Through my work, I strive to support cancer patients in feeling and looking good whilst undergoing treatment.

Financial Contributions

As a non-profit organisation, we strive to support both children and adult cancer patients who have experienced hair loss and ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford a real hair wig. We believe this can help them gain confidence in their appearance while fighting the battle against the disease.
We need ongoing financial support to create more wigs, as each one requires 4 bunches of hair and takes 2-4 weeks to produce. The cost of producing just one wig is around HK $1,000.
We are committed to making every dollar count, in our mission to provide free wigs and assist patients on a more confident path to recovery. The Foundation also funds other projects including wig care services and patient workshops which require further financial contributions

How you can help

Individual donors
You can donate either: • through your bank directly to our HSBC account: 652-451 402-001 • by cheque, payable to Wonderful Knots Foundation Limited and sent to: Attention: Wonderful Knots 2/F 9-11 Ashley Road Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong address.
Wonderful Knots Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation. Any donations over $100 are exempt from tax under Section S88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, and can be claimed back with a receipt issued by us.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Wonderful Knots Foundation invites support from corporations – financial aid and volunteers are both welcomed. If your employer or business would be interested in helping, please contact Kimi on 9141 3771 for further details
Wig salon service
our wig salon which locate at T.S.T provide free wigs to quality person. For those non-quality to get a free wig can choose purchase from us in a below market price. All income deduct operation cost will go directly to wonderful knots foundation.

Wonderful Projects

Wig donation partnerships

Here at Wonderful Knots, we are delighted to work in collaboration with both Maggie’s Cancer Centre and the Children’s Cancer Fund. Part of our commitment is that all children we work with who experience cancer-induced hair loss are offered free wigs, regardless of their family’s financial standing.

Wig care

Wonderful Knots Foundation offers wig care services including washing, sanitising and repair of wigs distributed by our partner organisations.

Pink Donations

We also like to work specifically with women with breast cancer, as Wonderful Knots donates 10 wigs every month to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation for qualifying patients to select their own wig.

Wig care and hair regrowth

We offer educational workshops to patients both on wig care, and also for hair rehabilitation after chemotherapy has ended. We know that hair growth can be affected even once the therapy is complete, so we are able to teach patients DIY treatments to use at home as their own hair regrows.

Haircut services

Our ambassadors regularly offer complimentary haircut, styling and wig maintenance services to patients using wigs.